Introductory Statement: Would Jesus Discriminate?

Would you give me three minutes of your time to consider three critical questions?

First, as we look back over history, do you think we Christians have ever been wrong on important theological issues? Of course, we know the answer is “yes!” Classic examples include:

  • Supporting slavery
  • Opposing the right of women to vote
  • Opposing interracial marriage

The sad truth is, for hundreds of years the vast majority of Christians were on the wrong side of each of those issues. And people who took the other side were accused of being unbiblical -- and of trying to overthrow God’s natural creation order.

Which brings me to my second question: How is it possible that so many Christians could have been so wrong? Clearly, the Bible didn’t change. The problem was, they allowed deeply ingrained cultural prejudices to distort their interpretation of the Bible on these key issues.

It’s not hard to see how that happened. For all of human history, slavery had been an established institution. It seemed to be part of God’s natural order. For all of human history, women had been denied the right to vote. That just seemed part of God’s creation.

Today, we realize how wrong we were, and pray we will never make that kind of mistake again.

Which leads to my last question: Is it possible that history is repeating itself? Could most Christians be wrong today when they say God condemns homosexual relationships?

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior – and yet I am a gay man. All I want is to serve God, find a loving life-partner, and have a Christian home. And people like me are asking people like you to consider whether there is room at the table for us.

This book, the Holy Bible, is precious to me. I would never choose to live in a way I felt was contrary to it. I’m persuaded that the Bible affirms me, just as I believe Jesus affirms me, and I would like to invite you to take a look at the evidence that convinced me, which is compiled on this web site.

Will you?

Because precious lives are at stake. We simply can’t afford to be wrong again. Thank you.

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